Tuesday, January 30

Tuesday – Top Installation

Temperatures were more reasonable this morning and I was able to get going at my usual start time.

Today I took the top plate that was trimmed up yesterday and routed the chamfer along the bottom edge, sanded it and mounted it to the casework via elongated screw holes so it can move as it expands and contracts. While the cabinet was upside down, I mounted the air-lift mechanism as well.

Then, it was time to lay-out the hole in the top for the sewing machine to rise through. Dan provided me with an excellent measured drawing detailing the size and shape of their sewing machine. This made lay-out much easier. Once I had it penciled in and double checked for accuracy, I bored holes at each corner and used a jig saw to cut out the hole just a hair smaller than the finished size is to be.

This, however, leaves a pretty raggedy hole. To pretty it up, I start by cutting some wide strips of scrap plywood and lay them on the lay-out lines to frame the opening. Then I chuck up a patternmakers bit in my router and use the plywood fames as a pattern to finish out the hole. This leaves a nice straight, smooth sided hole.

Finally I make up a platform, trim it to size and attach it to the lift arms. I use shims around the edges to keep the platform properly positioned while I insert screws from below. Then, a quick test of the lift to make sure nothing binds up and it’s time to put away the tools and clean up for the evening.

All that’s left to do now is to make the leaves, and we’ll get to that tomorrow.


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