Tuesday, January 2


Time in: 7:15 am I spent the morning putting the workshop back together and straightening things up again, then spent the rest of the morning configuring the new Incra Miter 1000SE we just got. This marvelous new tool will make it much easier to cut very precise lengths and angles. The shop made miter fence that I made years ago did quite well for a ling time, but recently it developed a bow in the fence that makes getting a precise angle difficult. And it never was much good at getting anything other than a 90° or 45° angle dead on. Time to step up. I’ll scavenge the track and scale to use in a drill press table. The miter gauge it’s self got refitted with a short plywood fence and will be used for roughing out lumber parts, saving the Incra fence for precise work while cutting parts to finished size. After lunch I got shanghaied and taken to Bybee to photograph a beautiful piece of property that Tim & Katherine are trying to sell. I posted an on-line listing for them, and it needed pictures. The address (in case you’re looking for property in East Tennessee) is http://www.fsboadvertisingservice.com/Listing.asp?Listing=40226 When I got back it was late enough that I only had time to work on some small jobs in the shop a bit. The evening session was spent ordering supplies, answering e-mail and doing bookkeeping. Tomorrow I’ve been assigned to ferret out and purchase the supplies we’ll need to install before the foundations are laid: septic line, water line, phone line, Ethernet cable for the computers and conduit to bury them in, as well as rebar and concrete for the retaining wall tie-backs. That will take a good part of the day, but I may get some woodworking in during the afternoon. Doug

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