Monday, January 1


Although this IS New Years Day and we had planned on taking it as a holiday, it turned out to be the only convenient time for all concerned to deliver Rev. Calvin’s desk. He lives about 30 miles from here, so we have personally delivered all three pieces of his Pastor’s Study as we got them completed.

This time there were some wrinkles. We had agreed that Marie and I would bring it out in the early afternoon. But Rev. Calvin called me early that morning to let me know that a member of the church had died during the night and he needed to talk with the widow at 2:00, could we reschedule for 11:00 in the morning?

Seemed easy enough, it just meant that I needed to get going on gathering up the tools and supplies I would need to install the desk. I gathered these together and moved the 400 pound table saw out of the way so the desk could come out the big roll-up door. Then started up the truck, turned it around and backed it in to load it. But when I went to start it up again, the battery was completely dead. It fired right up the first time, but now even the warning buzzers sounded sick.

I put a battery charger on it and let it go for a bit, but it did not improve things at all. I borrowed Joyce & Pat’s car and jump started it, and it started easily enough, but when the cables were removed and the truck put in gear, the engine died and would not re-start.

I called Rev. Calvin and explained the situation and asked him if it would be alright if he’d call me when he gets back from his bereavement visit and we’d run it out then… we’ll need to go into town and get a new battery first.

So that’s what we did. Marie and I borrowed the car and ran into Newport to an auto parts store. They tested the old battery (6 years old) and found that it had a dead cell and was only putting out 10 volts. So we bought a replacement, hauled it back to the shop and I installed it. The truck fired right up and purred like a kitten again.

We got the call about 3:15, and headed out. It didn’t take long to put the desk in, but running all the computer cables and moving the components for him (they’re really good folks, so I don’t mind at all doing these extra things for them) took a while. But when we flipped the switch, everything started right up and worked just like it should.

Just call me Doug-Bob the furniture builder, auto mechanic, and computer whiz.

I just thank the Good Lord that He provided me with enough talent in each of these fields to cope with them. I am by no means an expert on the last two, but I get by most of the time.

I was a little disappointed at not being able to get a good angle to take a picture of the whole Pastors Study, comprised of two 3 food wide by 9 foot tall bookcases and the computer desk between them. I’ll work on that again when they get some of the now unnecessary furniture out of the room.

See you tomorrow!


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