Monday, January 29

Monday – Top Trimming

Our temperature this morning started out at 19° F. (12° F if you choose to believe the radio instead of my porch thermometer) And we ran out of propane for the little wall mounted heater that I use to keep critical things like glue and finishes from freezing in real cold weather. So, my first duty today was to make a propane run. Once the propane heater was working again, I fired up the wood stove and got that to blazing as well. Stoked it with come coal and some yellow larch, very hard; burns very hot. But to no avail. I could not get the inside temperature above 37° until afternoon when the sun came over the mountain and shone of the shop roof. Then it shot way up to 45° and became workable in there. So, I trimmed the two large panels that will be the top to finished size. One will need to be cut into two pieces to form the leaves, but I’ll do that later. Doing this properly; making sure they both came out absolutely square and the same size, took what little time I had before the sun stared sliding down again and the temperature dropped off. Man will I be glad to get moved into the new workshop. It is insulated, has heat *and* AC, and even has a restroom. Soon. Very soon now. Doug-Bob

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