Monday, January 22

Monday, Aug. 1st

Today we rounded-over the edges of the four feet we made last week, sanded them and mounted them on he bottom of the cabinet.

Then we (Dolly was ‘helping’ me most of the day today because it was raining and she could not play in the yard) turned out attention to the doors.

We began by mounting the tall fence on the table saw and cutting the rabbet that the piano hinge will lay in. Then we cut the piano hinges to length with a hacksaw.

Next came drilling the pilot holes and inserting screws to fasten the hinges to the doors, removing them again and repeating the process for the cabinet side of the hinge. Test the doors – remove them and adjust as necessary.

Finally we mounted the brass ball catches that hold the doors closed.

This completes the casework for the cabinet. Tomorrow we’ll start on drawers.


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