Friday, January 12

Friday – Getting Interesting

The morning session was spent doing the same as what I spent most of yesterday doing; sanding center panels and assembling components.

After lunch I set up the tall fence and cut the rabbets that will house shelves and stiffeners ant the top and bottom of the two compartments. This is a simple cut to make – with the use of a tall fence to support the big part so it doesn’t wobble – but treacherous as all guards and safety devices must be removed.

Next we cut the grooves in the back panel that will house the rear edges of the end panels. To do this we use this toothy monster – a fully loaded dado head. Very careful measurements and double checking the fence setting is warranted before we flip the switch and pass the back panel over the cutter.

Here’s where things start getting interesting; when the parts we’ve been making start going together and start looking like a piece of furniture.

Then the pocket hole jig comes out and I drill a few holes in the rear stiles of the end panels to hold them in place on the back panel. And attach them with 1¼” pocket screws. No glue yet; we will be removing the panels again to add more parts to them. This is just a dry run to see that everything lines up properly.

In this picture we’re looking at the cabinet from the bottom, laying on it’s back. The doors are laying loose on top. The corners all meet up where the corners are supposed to be, so we’re looking good so far. I finish out the day by cutting & surface planing and jointing parts to make the two solid shelves. One gets glued up, the other will get done Monday.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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