Tuesday, January 23

Tuesday – Drawer Parts

Our assigned task today is to make up parts for the drawers in Dan’s sewing cabinet. There are some large drawer fronts on this piece. Whenever I can, I like to get a drawer front from a single piece of wood. It is especially nice if I can get all the fronts for a drawer group from a single board or at least sequential boards from the same log, that way the coloring is all the same. This nice wide board will yield all the drawer fronts for the drawer pedestal.

When I can not get a drawer front from a single piece of lumber, it has to be glued up. To get a good looking panel I look for a piece of lumber where some straight grain wood runs along the edge of the board; like this one. The lower part of the big drawer front is in the foreground, the narrow piece to the right will get flipped up and over and glued back onto the larger piece. The result is a nearly invisible seam.

Once all the drawer fronts are milled out and trimmed to size I bandsaw the finger pull cut-outs, sand them on a drum sander to remove the saw marks then round-over the inside edge to make them easier on the fingers. I’ll sand the routed curve now, but the rest will wait – there is more to do to these parts.

Most of the afternoon is spent chunking up planks of poplar, resawing them and surface planing the thinner parts to remove saw marks and bring them to one-half inch thickness. These parts will become the drawer boxes. But that will be done another day, this one has run out.

Tomorrow promised to be a busy and exciting day, so I may not get into the workshop much. See the Mountain Man Wannabe blog in a few days for details.


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