Wednesday, January 24

Wednesday – Drawer Boxes

The predicted excitement that promised to keep me out of the shop most of today has been postponed, so I got a full day’s work in again.

To start off with I glue-up the blanks that will be needed for the drawer box sides and backs. Only two of the drawers – the deep ones – need to have parts glued up the rest I was able to get out of stock on hand.

While the glue is drying on those, I begin milling the various grooves, and dadoes that will hold the drawers together and allow them to slide on the glides already installed.

Before assembling the drawer boxes, I test fit parts to be sure the boxes will all fit into place as they should. Here I’m, checking the box sides to see if they will all slide past one another. Only one 1/32 inch adjustment was needed.

When all the parts are cut, I assemble the drawer box without glue and slide it into it’s opening to check -- one last time – that all is well. And it is.

This is as far as we’ll go today. Tomorrow I should be able to pop into the shop to glue up a drawer at a time and still keep an eye on what’s happening outside. So this has worked out well.

See you tomorrow!


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