Monday, February 13

Stopper Racks continue

Work day begins: 7:00 AM It’s cold this morning: mid 20s, and we got quite a bit of snow over the weekend. The snow may work out to be an advantage as it tends to insulate the workshop roof and help hold in the heat. At least until the heat from inside melts the bottom of the snow and it slides off. The work order for the day includes working some more on the bottle stopper racks that we started last week and re-drawing the design for our 6 drawer CD chest to accommodate Jon’s requirement for drawer size. Once I know what size the parts will need to be I can start picking lumber from the standing stack in the shop and cutting billets. Workshop closes: 4:15 PM So far I’ve gotten all three stopper rack bodies glued up, pegged and sanded, milled the 3 self sets and back straps, and glued one shelf set glued and clamped to it’s rack body. Now it’s time to re-work the design on Jon’s CD Chest.

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