Thursday, February 2

Mission Rocker Day 07 Work day begins: 7:15 AM I’ve got a fire going to heat the shop and have checked e-mail: mostly junk this morning. Today we’re going to assemble the parts we’ve spent the last six work days making. If no problems rear their ugly head, we should easily accomplish this today, and have time to clean up, put up and vacuum the workshop so we can spray lacquer tomorrow. Lunch Time I’ve got the majority of the assembly done, but now must pause to allow the glue to set up sufficiently to hold when I proceed to the next step. So this is a good time to break for lunch. Workshop closes: 4:45 PM Everything is assembled and the finish sanding is done. We’re ready to spray lacquer tomorrow. Well, almost, I still have to vacuum the shop and tack-off the chair. No point in doing those tonight as there is a lot of dust in the air that will settle out overnight. We’ll do that first thing tomorrow – while the shop is warming up to a workable temperature for lacquer. I did get all the tools put away before closing up, so it’s just the wood dust we’ll be dealing with in the morning. To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click here.

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