Friday, February 17

CD Chest – 6 Day 03

Work day begins: 7:05 AM I’ve got a fire going. It’s raining but warm this morning, so staying warm won’t be such a challenge today. This morning we will begin construction of Jon’s CD Chest. Lunch Time I’ve got most of the casework parts roughed out. I also got Wayne’s stopper rack boxed up and ready to ship. Since it’s going USPS, I’ll have to run that into town tomorrow instead up putting it on this afternoon’s UPS truck. Workshop closes: 4:15 PM This afternoon I got all the case framing parts cut to finished size, re-sawed and planed the pieces to make the side and back panels. Then I did a little cleaning up and putting away. This evening I need to get my notes in order and put together a shopping list so I can buy what’s needed when I go into town tomorrow to mail Wayne’s stopper rack, and I have some bookkeeping to do, then I need to get the progress article caught up so I can post these shop notes. To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click here.

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