Wednesday, February 22

CD_CHEST_6 Day 04

Work day begins: 7:00 AM I’ve got a fire started to chase the cold out of the workshop, but while I’m waiting for it to warm up I’m chasing a worm. It was detected by my weekly virus scan. Apparently our Norton Internet Security software failed to detect or block it’s entrance into our system, but my weekly scan with Avast! turned it up. Slippery bugger, but I finally managed to manually delete it and I just got a clean scan with Avast!. I don’t think I’ll be renewing my Norton subscription. Time to go make sawdust. Workshop closes:4:00 PM Today I got all the pieces glued together to make up blanks for 4 side panels, 2 back panels the case top and the blank for the 6 drawer fronts. I also got the grid work for the front made and glued together. I had a little time left over, so I did a little cleaning up To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click here.

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