Tuesday, February 7

Cabinet_Doors Day 01

Work day begins: 4:15 AM We had a dog party earlier this morning and I haven’t been able to get back to sleep, so rather than laying there staring at the ceiling I’m up and getting some things done. In a couple of hours I’ll go out and start a fire to warm the workshop. I pulled lumber for this project – and Jon’s CD chest -- last week; some very pretty red oak. My task is to make 3 doors to go on a kitchen island. Tommy will do the finishing, I’m just building them. I’m waiting for some info from Tommy right now, so I decide to start on Wayne’s stopper rack while I’m waiting. These are both small projects that I can get out quickly before getting started on Jon's CD Chest. Besides; I have to rework the design to accomodate his drawer sizes. Lunch Time The morning session was spent milling the stile & rail stock to size and making sure it’s good and square. Workshop closes: 4:30 PM This afternoon I routed the inside profiles on the rails & stiles – this includes the fancy joints at the corners, milled out the billets for the raised panels, jointed them and glued & clamped them. They will set overnight to let the glue harden well before I start working them. This evening I’m working on the SMW web site and handling some correspondence. Now that this is all done, I’ll post these notes.

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