Thursday, March 24

Tray Tables - Routing the Trays

Today's woodworking session allowed me to pull the clamps off of the walut trays and sand the corners.  This removes and lumpy bits that will cause problems in the next step.

The next step is to set up the router table with a round-over bit and round off the upper and lower outside edges of the trays.  This not only makes for a better looking tray but they feel great in your hand when you carry them.

All done

Do not ever do this!
 Next up is to make the leg mount blocks.  I've already cut the blocks to finished size, I just need to route the shape onto them.  But, handling small pieces like this with just my hands is a durn fool thing to do.
So instead I use a small wooden handscrew clamp to hold the pieces and route them safely.  It does take some extra time to get each of the 20 or so blocks gripped firmly in the clamp, but sacrificing the ends of a couple of fingers on the alter of haste would end up slowing me down even more.

I use a jig to mark the location of the screw pilot hole in each block, drill the piolt holes on the drill press and then I'm out of time again.

Tomorrow I'll make the final component for the tables and may get to start putting them together.

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