Monday, March 28

Tray Tables - Assembling Tables

This being Monday, I spent the morning doing our weekly radio program, but then put in a long afternoon to get as much done as possible.

I started by sanding the leg mount blocks, pre-finishing their inner faces and installing them on the legs.

Than I sanded the latch blocks, doing the final shaping on the latch tabs.

Finally I glued the leg blocks and latch blocks to the undersides of the table trays, creating fully assembled tables. 

These are Shelly's oversized walnut tables.

Jeffrey's maple tables will remain in clamps all night to allow the glue to set up good and hard before I plug the screw holes. 

All that remains now is to assemble the stands and construction will be complete.


  1. Hi Doug. The tables look great! Just a reminder, as you begin to tackle the stands, that I had made a request to have the height of my stand carrying handle be more or less flush with the tops of the trays themselves (when stored) so that the surface would be level for my cats to sit on. I really appreciate it!

    Best wishes,


  2. Actually he has a maple stand with all the parts made and tucked away from a pervious batch, but he will cut that one down and recess the handle. He has a string tied around his finger. But thanks for the reminder - that NEVER hurts :-)


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