Wednesday, March 30

Tray tables - Maple Construction Done

I completed construction of the maple tray table set by attaching the arms and plugging the screw holes in the stand.  I would have gotten this done yesterday but we had a funeral to go to.

Here you can see, Jeff, that I did indeed remember to recess the handle.  Normally the posts cone up high enough to support the upper edge of the trays and the handle sticks up above that for easy access.  But due to a special use Jeff has planned (cat roost) he wanted the handle to be lowered so it is roughly level with the top of the trays.  Mission accomplished.

And this is how the set looks all nested together.  All that remains now is a ton of hand sanding and the lacquering.  But I'll spend the rest of this afternoon milling wood and designing parts for Shelly's walnut tables. 

Because her tables are considerably larger than normal, The standhas to be custom fitted to the tables.  Their size has created a number of problems.  One is that when these tables are finished and ready to ship, Jeff's will pop right into one of the boxes we had made to ship them in.  Shelly's tables will require another approach.  I'll have to measure he bundle once it's packaged up and drive to the U_Haul store and see what they have that will fit.  I'll probably have to get a wardrobe box and cut it down.  It will definitely be into the grossly over sized (tier 3) category because the box we use for regular tables was designed to skate along just under the line.

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