Wednesday, March 9

Tray Tables - Gluing Walnut Panels

First, yes; the foot is doing better, thank you all for your concern.  Yesterday the reds, purples and blues peaked in their vibrance, it was quite a sight!  This morning they are all beginning to fade, indicating that some real healing is now taking place.

Today's task has been to glue up walnut ribbon panels; or rather half-panels because these ones are so big they won't fit through the surface planer as whole panels.

By using two sets of clamps I ams still gluing up a whole pannel per session, but I must move the first one off the table to make room for the second.  I can get away with this on narrower panels like this, trying to move a wide panel  single handedly sometimes has disasterous results, so I prefer to leave them laying flat to dry.

We had a major wind storm roll through this afternoon.  Really high winds can get scary here with all the trees graoning and knocking together like a martial arts festival.  The wind roaring through the rees ar the ridge of the mountain sound like a freight train.  The weind blew the covers off of two lumber stacks - throwing the concrete block that were supposed to hold them down over TWO other lumber stacks (4 feet wide each with 2 feet between each of the three stacks involved) and they landed just a couple of feet from the back of my shop.  That is some serious wind!

It has died nown now and I have to go out to put the covers back in place before the rain starts and soaks those stacks of lumber.

Thanks for dropping in!

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  1. I need to glue together 3 1.5"x10"x6' walnut planks. What glue/brand name should I use. I am also thinking of using dowels, possibly made out of the scrap walnut planks or just oak. How far apart should the dowels be. BTW this will be a desktop. Your suggestion please.


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