Wednesday, April 14

Slingin Shellac

I got two coats of paint on the rope trim yesterday, let them sit over night and put a third coat on them this morning. The third coat didn’t improve the appearance so I stopped there. It didn’t hurt anything, but there’s no point in applying more paint if there is nothing to be gained. Then I began stripping off hardware, sanding and shellacking the rest of the clock case. I got one full coat on everything… then ran out of shellac. So I’ve mixed up another batch and that will be ready to use in the morning. I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon scuff sanding the clock parts to prep them for the second coat tomorrow.
Marie and I will be making a presentation to the ruling body of our church his evening, so I'll be knocking off a little early so I have time to get cleaned up, changed and swing by to pick up Marie on my way in.
See you tomorrow!

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