Monday, April 26

Shipping Out

This is Monday, so I spent the morning producing the weekly radio program. I was a little worried when I saw the title since I’m sort of a technological guy. After lunch I installed the turn buttons on all five flag cases. These parts arrived over the weekend. I'll need to ready Dan’s case for shipment. The first step in this is to acquire or make a box. The trick is to get one that is big enough to allow for sufficient packing, but not so big as to inflate shipping costs unnecessarily. I often end up making a box by cutting down one that is over-sized. In this case I can use the corner of a large sturdy box. I use Styrofoam to stabilize the glass so it doesn’t crack from road vibration which can set up harmonics that reach past the cushioning. Then pack it into the box. I like using these air pillows where I can because they offer a lot of cushioning and weigh next to nothing. And I happen to have a good supply of them stored up from materials orders I’ve received. We have to mail order nearly everything we use here. Once the box is taped up I weigh it, measure it and go into the office to process the shipment and print the shipping label. Now it’s ready for the FedEx man to pick up on his next trip through our neck of the woods. The other four cases are posted to our web site and area ready for purchase if anyone else would like to have one. There are one each in Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Oak. We'll use this set as a yardstick to know whether or not we'll be building any more, now that we're our of the custom furniture business. More on that in another post. It's time to clean up, button up and head home.

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