Thursday, April 22

Finishing Up

This morning I started by sanding smooth the spline stumps that were left to sit overnight so the glue would set up hard. Then I cut out squares of plywood from a 4x8 foot sheet and adapted my big cut-off sled so it would cut the squares of plywood into two equal triangles for the flag case back panels. Next I ran the panels through the wide drum sander to smooth them out. I could do this with my random orbit sander except it’s really hard to clamp a triangle onto the bench well enough that it won’t vibrate loose as I sand. I think the drum sander may be just a little bit faster too, when doing multiple pieces like this. Then I fit the panels to the cases. I cut them just a tad large and use the jointer on the longest edge (bottom) to skim away just enough for a good fit. It has to be able to be removed, so it can’t be too tight, but I don’t it to slop around in its rabbet either. With the help of a simple spacer jig I locate where pilot holes for the screws that will hold the feet on need to go, drill those holes and mount the feet. The final piece of construction is to bore shallow 3/8” holes in the back of each corner and glue a screw hole button into each. All these do is to hold the case up a bit so if it is laid on it’s back the turn buttons that will hold the back panel in place will not scratch the table top. I close out the day by working on finish sanding and spraying on the first coat of lacquer. I got three done before it was time to head home for the evening. I’ll spend the day tomorrow completing the finishing.

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