Tuesday, April 6

Completing the Front Door

This time we’ll do the edge routing on the clock head door. Some of this is purely decorative; on the outside of the door I want to use matching profiles around the outer edges of the door and a smaller version inside the cut-out for the window glass. I select these ogee bits for use in this task. After routing these edges the door looks like this. Next up I need to route a rabbet in the inside edge of the cut-out where the glass will sit. For this I use a rabbeting bit set This tool has one large-diameter cutter and a set of bearings that determine the width of the cut: the smaller the bearing diameter the deeper the rabbet. Here I have the bearing for a ¼” wide rabbet installed, now I’ll set the cut depth and be ready to go. When I’m done the back of the door looks like this. Then I spend some time sanding the faces and the routed edges. Finally I install the solid brass ball catch that holds the door closed. That completes the head case, so I’ll take all the parts and set them aside in the other room where they will be out of harm’s way until it’s time to make templates to send to Allied Glass who will be making the fancy bevel edge glass for this project. Now we will move back down to complete the pendulum case door.

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