Thursday, April 15

More of Same

This morning I continued scuff sanding the first coat of shellac, then tack ragged off the dust and began applying the second coat. When all the head case parts were dry I began reassembling that part of the clock by attaching hinges, latches, and glass retainers. Once the pendulum door was dry I started attaching the rope trim. I had not expected to get this far until tomorrow, but things are going pretty well today. I did get confirmation from Allied Glass that the templates arrived safely and have been handed off to the guys who will produce the beveled glass. I’m posting this while the main case dries. When I’m finished here I’ll go and reattach the ball catches that hold the pendulum door to the case. I’ll let the rope trim stay in clamps overnight to let the poly-glue set up hard. Hopefully that will be sufficient – don’t want to have to resort to epoxy or resorcinol.

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