Friday, April 9

Post Script

I got bored last night and decided to come back and work on this door some more, the glue would have been hard enough by then. I used the wide drum sander to smooth both faces of the filler panel, routed the glass rabbet in the back of it and the decorative ogee on the front. Then got ready to mount the filler to the door frame. But I found that ¾ “ screws were too short – they hold OK for the first install, but if removed and reinserted they strip out. 1” screws are a tad too long and the points poke through the frilly molding on the front side – not good! I don’t have any 7/8” screws, somebody probably makes them but they’re not common, so I whip out my little bench grinder and knock the tips off a dozen 1” screws and use those. Works just fine. Next I install the ball catches that hold the pendulum door to the cabinet and test fit everything. A little tweaking was necessary. I’m not totally thrilled with the fit of the door. The framing fit perfectly, but when the filler was added it bows the frame out from the case in a couple of spots. It’s not real bad, it’s just not perfection. Will sleep on that for a bit.
I'm sleepy now, I'll post this tomorrw. G'Nite!

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