Thursday, April 1

Side Doors

Most of this day was spent milling out the blanks from which I would make the side doors, fitting them to their openings, cutting hinge mortises, and installing the doors to be sure they actually fit when mounted to the hinges – and that they will open. When I don’t leave much space around the doors, they can jam in the opening as the door swings out. To prevent this, I route a 15° bevel on the outside edge so it will clear the frame as it opens without requiring a large gap between door and frame.
After removing the doors again, stripping them of the hardware I sand them and set them aside. Then I layout and cut the pieces that will become the front door. Because this panel will be wider than out surface planer will handle, I’m making it in two parts so I joint and glue the two halves and will let them set up overnight and complete the door blank tomorrow.

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