Monday, January 14

Starting Back Panels

It’s Monday, thus time to prep the bookkeeping for Marie; I was in at 5:00 AM today to get a jump on that so it wouldn’t take all morning. But first I needed to run shipping labels for Pamela and Karen’s orders. Both are going Postal, so I’ll run them down to our mail box next to the road on my way back here from the house.


The packages are in our big mail box and I’m back working on bookkeeping, bills and problem solving. About the time I was ready to get to work Mandy from Connected Tennessee called and wanted to do a telephone interview on us for their e-zine / newsletter. I complied, even e-mailed her some photos and Smoky Mountain Woodworks will be featured in their March 2008 edition. Can’t hurt.

FINALLY I got back to working on Gary’s cradles. Today I planned to make the back panels. I retrieved the boards I‘d set aside for this purpose, cross-cut them and surface planed them to finished thickness. Then I jointed the edges and glued them into the large panels needed.

While the glue was drying I started checking the templates for the remaining parts; I’d found some discrepancies in one other template which I adjusted for on the fly. But these need to be right the first time or parts won’t fit together like they should. It’s been a while since we made one of these, but I seem to recall experiencing accelerated hair loss over the experience. Sure enough, things did not check out. So I clocked out (of Gary’s time sheet) and set about finding the problem.

The short version is that the plan was the problem. It offers full size drawings of the parts that can be traced onto thin plywood to make templates – which I did – but the templates aren’t symmetrical, the angles don’t add up correctly, and one part is just too big. Not by much; only 1/8” but that’s enough.

So I got out my protractor, long steel ruler and sharpened my pencil and set about creating proper templates. That took a while; over 2 hours, but I finally got a set that fit together the way they are supposed to and are properly sized.

Time for supper.
I’ll be back after supper to work on an in-house job, but this will be all for this job for today.

See you tomorrow!


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