Wednesday, January 23

Crating Supplies

I spent 3½ hours this morning fetching the crating supplies I’ll need to crate up Gary’s cradles. First stop was International Paper in Morristown. The crate board I use is ½” thick triple wall corrugated cardboard. It has the same puncture resistance as ¼” luan plywood but one third the weight. Cutting down on weight saves you, my customer, money on shipping fees. While I was there I got two sheets so I'd have enough on hand to crate up Nance's CD End table, which is next on the docket. No need to make that drive any more often than necessary. The crate board comes in 9 foot by 16 foot sheets so we have to fold it up just to transport it, and cutting it to size is something of a task. This task was not quite so daunting the last time we did it because we had just moved into the new workshop and had a large open piece of floor to lay the board out on and work with it. Now that we’ve been in here a while… no more wide open spaces.

I also stopped into the lumber yard to get the pine lumber that will be used as the frame around the crate. I could simply build a cardboard box but, again, we get a better price by shipping in a wood framed crate – it’s better protected that way.

And I brought in from the big shed some Styrofoam sheeting (4’x8’ sheets) that will be used as cushioning to protect the cradles during transit.

The afternoon was spent cleaning up and clearing out as much stuff as I could to create some extra work space. Right now the truck is loaded for a run to the Convenience Center (local name for a community trash dump) and a stop at the Good Will to donate some items that are useable but no longer needed.

Tomorrow we’ll roll up our sleeves and build the crate.

Check in again then,


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