Thursday, January 31

Parts Blanks

It took a couple of hours this morning to get the daily bookkeeping in order; our internet connection was especially slow today. I did get word from Gary; he got his cradles and thinks they’re fantastic!

My first woodworking task this morning was to resaw the lumber pieces that will become our side and back panels later on. I start by removing the 3/8” general purpose band from the band saw and replacing it with a ¾” resawing band. After setting up and tuning the bandsaw to this new band (blade) I mark the centerline of the stock to be cut with a marking gauge. I will be splitting the lumber in two along the width of the boards. The lines I cut into the edges of the boards serve as a channel through which the blade will need to travel. The tubular attachment on the fence of my band saw allows me to steer the cut to compensate for blade drift. This is a slow process when working with 6 inch wide oak, if I get impatient and rush the cut I’ll burn up the blade and have to change it out. This too is time consuming… and expensive. It is best to take my time.

When the resawing is done I take the half-panels I glued up last night for the top plate and cut a glue joint down the center, glue it into a full panel and clamp it securely. This will need to set for a couple of hours, so I move on to the next task.

That would be surfacing and ripping the rough chunks of lumber onto parts blanks for the case work; rails, stiles, panels, grid pieces for the front and blanks that will yield the drawer fronts later on. One of the things we do on pieces like this is to make drawer fronts that are in a row from a single board so the grain in the wood flows across the drawers. It’s really quite a nice touch, much better than just having a bunch of random looking fronts. When done the parts blanks are labeled and stacked on a table by function. While at this, I also made up some small pieces of the same wood being used in the table that will be used for stain color samples when we get to that point.

My final task for the day was to work on the panel stock. I surfaced these pieces along with the rest, so now I lay out each set of four pieces, all cut from a single board to the coloring and graining are the same, and arrange them to a pleasing grain pattern that will allow me to hide the joints between the pieces. Right now the edges are rough, once I joint them the seams between the panels will disappear.

I got all the panels jointed and one pair of half panels glued and clamped, I’ll do the other two in the morning. Now it’s time to clean up the shop and post today’s progress report.

See you tomorrow,


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