Wednesday, January 30

Parts Pieces

This morning was spent answering e-mail and discussing possible new projects with three people. Kristi is interested in a 4-Post bed for her daughter, Angela (in Australia) would like a Doll Cabinet, and Gwen is asking about a Breakfast Nook set. None have made a formal Bid Request, so I am supposed to limit the amount of time I put into these discussions. But I can’t be rude either, so the discussions continue.

I spent the afternoon examining the boards I brought in a few days ago and chunking up and labeling lumber for the various casework parts for Nance’s CD End Table.
The top plate is glued up from 4 pieces of lumber, I jointed and glued them up into pairs (halves of the top). After the surfacing is done I’ll joint the pairs and glue them into the full plate.

Now THAT is a brief posting! We’ll get into serious woodworking tomorrow.


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