Tuesday, January 22

Final Finishing

As mentioned yesterday I have not caused an incendiary mushroom cloud so things are going well. The fan is pulling the lacquer fumes out to the rest of the shop remains inhabitable. The double doors into the finishing room can be opend up to allow easy passage of large pieces, or one can be locked down and just the other used for access, making it easier to keep the room separate from the rest of the shop. Being glass doors, it's easy to peek into the finishing room to see what's happening without having to open the doors.
I checked the lacquer this morning and it has laid out well; very little sanding is required. In fact I could probably get away with not scuffing it at all if I wanted to. Lacquer does not need to be scuffed between coats to improve adhesion because lacquer dissolves a bit of the coat below a fresh layer to bind them together securely. Scuffing lacquer is done to smooth the coat only. But to give them the best finish I can I will go ahead and scuff them before applying the final coat.

It is warmer this morning (29° as opposed to 19° this time yesterday) so I can begin right away. It is, however, raining so the added humidity will slow the drying process.

I have scuffed both cradles inside and out, top and bottom and have shot the oak cradle with its final coat. That cradle will occupy the finishing room until it is dry enough for me to move it without marring the finish.

As I finish the cradles I am also finishing two pair of bag handles for an order that was phoned in last Friday. They too get Satin Lacquer, so it’s a snap to do them alongside the cradles.

Both cradles are now done. Tomorrow morning I will head over to International Paper to get the crate board I’ll need and the lumber yard to get the crating lumber.

Check in again tomorrow,


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