Monday, January 28

In Transit

Friday evening I ran the Bill of Lading, a set of shipping labels, and billed the final payment to Gary’s credit card. After placing the shipping labels and FRAGILE tags on the crate I moved it out to the dock. I ran into a little trouble with this task – the doorway is not as wide as I had thought it was. This came as quite a surprise as we have not encountered this problem before. But, with a little Devine intervention the problem was overcome and I was able to load the crate onto our truck for the trip to White Pine where the Old Dominion truck dock is.

Old Dominions local dock is HUGE, with hundreds of trucks loading, unloading and being serviced all at the same time. Except for two days a year, the dock is open 24/7 so we can take our shipments to them when it is convenient to us. I have to go inside and present the paperwork to the City Desk then they send someone with a fork lift to pick the crate off our truck and take it inside the dock building. In most cases, it is loaded onto a trailer and leaves the dock that same night.

It is a tradition with us to stop off on the way home and have supper as a celebration of another commission successfully completed, and we did so once again.


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