Wednesday, January 9

Bottom Plate

I started the day by scuffing and oiling for the third time Karen’s bag handles. One more coat should be sufficient for a semi-gloss finish, then I can pack them up so they’ll be ready to send out once her personal check clears the bank.

On to Gary’s cradles. Today I build the base plates, which forms the bottom of the cradle, a large flat plate mounted to the top of the rockers and on which the side of the cradle will be mounted. Nothing fancy, but because of it’s size it must be made up of several smaller pieces of wood.

I pull the pieces I had marked for this part from the stack of lumber and cross cut the long planks to rough length. Then I surface plane them, joint them to obtain good glue joint surfaces and glue them together.

While the glue is setting up I build a small jig that will be needed to accommodate a special request of Gary’s; he wants a 2” x 4” recess in the underside of each cradle to house a dedication. I’ll use a router fitted with a template guide and a coving bit to cut the recesses. But to do that, I need a template to guide the router. I start by laying out the hole in the template. I use a Forstner bit to bore a hole at each corner, a jig saw to cut between those holes and a drum sander to fair away the waste to the lay-out lines so the resulting hole is the proper size, square and straight.

Lunch time.

After lunch I trimmed the base plates to finished size and sanded them smooth.

Then I mounted them to their rockers and routed a cove along the upper edges to dress them up a bit. The final task for today was to attach the template I made and route out the recesses in the under side of the bases. However, I ran out of double stick tape and had to send Marie to fetch more, so I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Time for Supper.


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