Wednesday, March 24


As I’ve been building this clock case I have been envisioning it with the built-up molding that we typically use around the base of our work, but in reviewing the design sketch I am reminded that Harold had wanted this clock to have bracket feet, not a base molding. OOPS! So I have a little re-designing on the fly to do. I start by breaking out my French curves and some pattern paper and drawing the shape of the feet for the front panel. Cut out the pattern carefully with sharp scissors and tape it to the front panel, then draw around the pattern onto the walnut. This piece has not been fastened to the case yet, so I remove it and use the bandsaw to cut out the shape and a drill press mounted drum sander to remove the saw marks. Then I can pop that piece back in place… that was the easy one. I make another pattern sized to fit the side panels, tape it in place and transfer the shape to the side. But, parts of the leveler foot bracing are in the way, so I have to cut them out before I cut the foot shape. That takes some ingenuity and a lot of patience. Then I use my saber saw to cut the bracket shape into the side panel. I work very carefully to minimize lumps and overcuts. Then I chuck the drum sander into my portable drill and smooth these cuts. When I’m done we have a nice set of bracket feet on the front and sides, but it took all day to get there. Whew!
I’ll watch that design sketch more closely from here on out!

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