Wednesday, March 24

Building the Foundation

Sorry to have been away so long; we’ve been dealing with some family health issues. In this episode we will build the adjustable base of the cabinet. I start by making the cross braces to fit snugly into the base of the cabinet and bore holes just large enough to accept the barbed Tee nuts. I drive the nuts into the holes, making sure the barbs are placed so they don’t split the wood at the ends of the braces. The leveler feet thread into the Tee nuts. These have felt pads on the bottom and will give about an inch of adjustment – which should be more than enough. Sometimes I use feet that have a screw slot in the top so they can be adjusted with a screwdriver from inside the cabinet, but because the lower part of this clock case does not open and it’s fairly tight in there, that is not a consideration here. These will he adjusted from under the cabinet by tipping it up a little. The braces are fastened in with glue and finish head nails. I set them in enough that the feet can be recessed completely into the cabinet so it rests right on the floor, then the levelers can be sued to compensate for any wobble without actually lifting the cabinet off the floor.

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