Tuesday, March 9

Fix the Grizzly

Last Friday I started hearing an odd noise in our Grizzly surface planer – like something was loose. I pulled the belt cover off and found the hardware that is supposed to be holding the drive pulley on the drive shaft laying in the bottom of the cover. See the two rectangular notches? They’re supposed to be lines up with a rectangular key in there to lock the pulley to the shaft so it doesn’t spin. It had fallen out and the pulley was slipping. So I remove the side cover, loosen the motor mounts and swing them down out of the way. Lift the motor with a piece of scrap wood enough to get the three drive belts off and remove the drive pulley for inspection. Shaft and pulley look OK, no scoring, so the shaft was not spinning inside the pulley, tension from the drive belts kept them in enough contact to prevent that. That’s a good thing. So I put the key back into the slot on the shaft, slide the pulley back onto the shaft to make sure they fit, no burrs or bends in the key. All is good. Then I can reinstall the washer plate, lock washer and machine screw that hold the parts in place and the pulley on the shaft. I’ll have to keep an eye on this, it may loosen up again. Then the belts go back on. The motor mounts are engaged again and tightened to tension the belts. Not too tight now, just enough to keep them all pulling. I plug it in and test it to be sure it’s working right. Then re-install the covers. And put away the Grizzly tool kit. Now this tool is ready to go back to work.

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