Friday, March 26

Mounting the Head

I start this day by putting the head case, held together by screws and clamps alone, atop the pendulum cabinet and drilling the screw holes that will hold the two together. I need to rig a platform to stand on to do this as the thing is getting very tall! That done I take it down again, pull the head cabinet apart, sand the insides.then chop the pockets for the side door hinges. This is often done with a router and a special jig, but building the jig will take more time than chopping the pockets with a chisel, so I just do it by hand. The hinge pockets for the front door are cut on the front edge of the case sides, and I can cut these on the table saw by nibbling out the recess with multiple passes over a good blade. Using a dado head would made this faster (fewer passes) but again, I can have this done in the time it would take to remove the blade and install the dado head. I go ahead and mount the hinges to the cabinet, then mount the head cabinet back on the pendulum cabinet and see how it looks. Next week we’ll make doors.

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