Thursday, March 25

Head Case

Today I’ll make the parts for the “Head Case”. No that’s not a clock makers term, I made it up because it’s the case that holds the head of the clock, where all the gears and wheels, as well as the face and hands of the clock are. There is probably a proper name for it, but I don’t know what else it would be. I start by milling out the parts for the back panel: 2 rails, 3 stiles and 2 filler panels, resawn and book matched from a 4/4 board I cut the tenons, mill the grooves and trim the panels to fit, then dry fit the parts and carefully check them over to be sure everything draws up like it should. Once I’m satisfied this goes into the assembly room where the parts are glued, clamped and squared. Then that sits for a while to let the glue set up. Next up, I mill the parts for the head case sides. I need to glue up a panel that will be wide enough to make this part, but don’t want to then come back and cut out the door opening, so instead I Lay-out the parts to be cut from one board so I can cut them to side then flip the short part down from the end of the long part and join them so the grain will be well matched. Once the glue has set up I sand the glue joints and they disappear nicely. Spiffy huh? Finally I cut the brace for the top front and the 5 parts for the floor. Because we have to leave a hole for the pendulum and weights to hang down through, the case floor is made up of several parts, including a filler piece under each side door opening with it’s grain running vertically to match up with the case sides. All the floor parts are glued together, the rest of the case is held together with clamps and screws so it can be dismantled and sanded before being glued up permanently. But that will be a task for tomorrow.

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