Monday, March 31


I spent the morning laying out and boring holes in the base plate. I applied strips of masking tape along the lines where the holes will line up so I could see the lay-out marks better. I can drill right through the tape and not hurt anything. Some of the holes will be where the upper and lower parts of the posts will attach, some are where spindles fit and others are for screws that will come up from below to attach lower cradle rails to the base plate.

Once all that was done I used a router to round over the edges of the plate – with a larger diameter used at the front edge of the seat – and sanded the plate top and bottom to remove milling marks, rough edges and to fair out those last glue joints.

With that done I milled the post stock to size, squaring it up as I went. Then I located the centers of the ends and bored dowel holes in post ends – at least in those that get dowels, not all do.

Then it was time to clean up and put away the toys and go home for some supper.

See you tomorrow.


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