Wednesday, April 2


One of the changes I’m making to the design we’re working from is to use wood screws to fasten major components together rather than pinning them together with dowels. So I spent the early part of the day laying out and drilling the pilot holes and countersink holes for the screws that will fasten the post stock I milled out yesterday to their mating parts. Once the screws are all in place and I’m sure everything fits like it should I’ll take it all apart again and reassemble it with glue, then plug the screw holes with wooden bungs sanded smooth to the surface.

Next I mill out the rough stock set aside for leg braces, stringer and aprons. When this is done I lay out and drill the pilot holes in the aprons that will accept screws through the legs.

I finish out the day by assembling legs and aprons – screws only. The rockers are just sitting in place to see that they will fit as they should, no attachments have been made there yet. This assembly forms the support structure undeath the rocker/cradle and will be subjected to quite a bit of racking forces as the piece of furniture is used. I believe the screws will help quite a bit to resist the losening up that can occur over time.
Marie has located a suitable mattress. The plans call for a 13" x 28" bassinette mattress available from Sears, but Sears does not seem to offer such a critter. We found one that is 13" x 29" at JC Penny's and ordered that. I'll need to lengthen the plan by 1 onch to accomodate the mattress, which means re-making some of the parts, inlcuding the base plate. Ouch. We were going to simply make a matteress to fit, but in reviewing the crib & cradle safety standards we found that a vinyl covered mattress, fitted with a removable quilted pad to prevent suffocation, is mandated. Marie doesn't like working with vinyl, so we decided that ordering a commercially made mattress that is certified as compliant with safety regulations would be the best way to go. We also found some delightful fabric from which the quilt, sheet and bumper pads will be made. Marie is working on that now.

That's enough for today, see you tomorrow.


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