Monday, April 28

We start the week by completing and installing the rails that run around the edges of these TV Tray Tables. These rails are one of the things that set our tray tables apart from the mass produced TV Tables that are available, they help to keep things from sliding off the tray as you carry it, or from rolling off if you are using it as a work table.

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I had planned on getting the legs started this afetrnoon, but ended up needing to do some web site repair. Kathleen called to ask about having a set of these tray tables made for her in cherry and walnut, but she was having trouble understanding the pricing on the web site. When I went in to look I found the price for cherry has been twiddled with by some internet gremlin. I reset the price and that brought the cost of Kathleens tables back down to where they should be.

Durned ol' gremlins!

You may Click Here to get details and pricing information for this product.

Tomorrow Marie and I are celebrating a major wedding anniversary. I will be making a run to Morristown to get crate board for Warren's nanny rocker early in the morning, but then we will be heading out to celebrate for the day. So I'll be back on Wednesday.


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