Thursday, April 10

Final Assembly

Wednesday was a long and busy day. The greater portion of it was spent sanding the cradle parts of the Nanny Rocker and re-installing them, this time with glue as well as the screws, then plugging the screw holes and trimming and sanding them smooth. I also completed the rockers and installed them. That completes construction. Next up: finish sanding; time to bill Warren for the 3rd progress payment. I did not get to leave here until after 9:00 last night because of an influx of new orders and inquiries waiting in the In Box when I finished my woodworking and slipped back into the office to shut down for the day. Most were a response to the Economic Stimulus offer Marie sent to all current customers. It is gratifying to see such a response, and I expect we will see even more as people who don't check their e-mails as regularly, or are mulling the offer over a bit, get on board as well. To all of you who have placed orders, or will place an order; I thank you, Marie thanks you and our mortgage holder thanks you! CLICK HERE to view all the details of today’s activity. CLICK HERE for details on purchasing a Nanny Rocker of your own. Doug

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