Thursday, April 17

This morning I attached the loop hangers to Philip’s Wall Hung Bottle Stopper Rack and packaged it for shipment. It will go out on today’s UPS truck. Today we’ll be working on Step 3 and Step 4 of our Over the Sink Cutting Boards. Step 3 is gluing the strips we cut yesterday into a board blank, Step 4 is surface planing the halves of each blank to smooth them and bring them to finished thickness and gluing the halves together into a full board, which we then trim to finished size and shape. Click those links to view the details, or Click Here to start the story at the beginning. Because I'm working on two boards for two orders, they are each in a slightly different stage of construction. Blogger is crashing when I try to post photos again so, please go to the web pages to see them. Sorry... it just does this sometimes. See you tomorrow! Doug

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