Tuesday, April 15

Today I didn’t do anything with Warren’s Nanny Rocker except to move it out of the finishing room and onto a table in the assembly room. The rocker itself is done, I’m just waiting on the bedding. We’re waiting for the mattress Marie ordered to arrive so she can make the fitted sheet and mattress pad.

I completed Karen’s two tier bottle stopper rack by installing the wooden pegs. Once they were all in I sanded the whole rack and shot it with two good coats of semi-gloss lacquer, scuffed between coats. This photo was taken right after scuffing. This order is now done and ready to be packed up and shipped once the lacquer hardens well and the silicone “feet” are applied. I’ve found that the feet tend to fall off in shipping if I apply them too soon. It appears that solvents evaporating out of the lacquer even after it’s dry to the touch soften the adhesive backing on the feet and cause them to come loose. By giving it a few hours extra the problem is completely averted.

I also milled out and assembled the parts for Phillip’s oak Wall Hung Stopper Rack and it is currently in clamps for the night. I’ll sand and finish it tomorrow.
To finish out the afternoon I surface planed the maple I will be needing for the two Over Sink Cutting Boards that are next on the agenda.

See you tomorrow!


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