Saturday, March 1


After discussing the situation with Nance, we decided to go ahead and have Old Dominion take this one. Friday evening was the time we had planned to make the run, but just before we were ready to go it started pouring rain. Our crates are pretty well built, but I’m afraid that subjecting it to a driving rain at highways speeds for 23 miles would prove to be a mistake. So we waited until morning.

Early Saturday morning I came over and got things ready; crate out on the dock, truck backed in, all paperwork in hand. I wasn’t sure about the rain, so to be sure I wrapped the crate in an oil cloth to help out in case we ran into some drizzle. But as the sun came up the clouds burned of and we were presented with a beautiful crystalline day.

The crate has been handed off to O.D.F.L. in a couple of hours the PRO number will be in their national computer system and you will be able to track it, and determine it’s expected arrival there, at just copy and paste that PRO number I sent you into the tracking window and it will tell you everything.

That's it, we're done for the day, I'm outta here for the weekend.

On Monday we will begin Ira’s set of heavy duty tray tables.


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