Thursday, March 27

Chunkin’ Lumber

The morning was spent laying out, cutting, and labeling rough walnut lumber into the blanks that will become the various parts needed to build Warren’s Nanny Rocker. These parts blanks are cut well oversize so that crooked or rough edges can cleaned up as the parts are milled to finished size.

In the afternoon I surface planed to 7/8”, jointed and glued up the five pieces that comprise the base panel into two half panels. Our surface planer will handle panels up to 13” wide, the base for this rocker is 18” wide. These half panels will be planed again (to ¾”), jointed down the center and glued up into a full panel. That final joint will be faired by hand.
One day we’ll add a wide drum sander to our tool collection and will be able to glue up and smooth a wide panel like this in one step. Until then we make do with the tools we do have.

Once both half panels were glued up I cleaned up the shop and closed up for the night.


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