Thursday, October 4

Oiling Completed

Since the last entry here I have completed the finish sanding of 50 pair of handles and initial oiling of those 50 pair in batches of ten pair per batch.

This morning I scuff sanded the last batch, tacked off all 50 pair and began the final oiling. In the past days I could sand ten pair, take them in and oil them, then scuff sand the batch I had oiled the day before and that would consume the majority of a day.

Now that I am to the final pass I need to oil the entire 50 pair in one batch. So I built a drying rack that will hold the handles as the oil cures overnight. My Rube Goldberg system of clamping paint stir stocks to my work benches worked OK for the 10 pair batches, but not for the final run. So I whipped up this device that clamps to my finishing table, offers sufficient space to store at least 100 handles, and then will break down for compact storage.

I spent most of the day applying oil, allowing it to set up a little then carefully wiping the excess away with clean soft cloths. I went through a fair pile of cloths today, but luckily my rag box is well stocked.

At the end of the day, the rack is full and my back has a crick in it. It always does when I do this; I don’t know why – it’s not heavy work, just long and tedious.

Tomorrow I must administer the Treasures Of Appalachia open house at the new gallery, so I probably won’t be in the shop at all except for a short time in the evening. Because it is warm and humid today, (we're finally getting some rain!) I will allow the handles to hang for two full days to be sure the oil is cured out well before I pack them away in a box for shipment to Ros once her payment arrives.

We have had several new orders come in over the past week, so I again have lots to accomplish. And I do like that!

I will see you again on Monday. Hope you have a great weekend!


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