Tuesday, October 30

Completing Rails

I got a good day’s work in today; no distractions.

The whole morning was spent cutting the grooves in the edge(s) of the casework rails. I started out doing this on the router table, but quickly realized that this was going to be too slow for as many grooves as I need to cut, so I set up the table saw with a dado head and dispatched the job that way.

After lunch I set up to cut the tenons on the ends of the rails.

Before cutting the tenons I had to square the ends and cut the rails to finished length. I used the chop saw to do the cutting and a marking knife for laying out the cuts. The knife score is much narrower than a pencil mark making the work just that much more precise. It’s also easier to see than a pencil mark on dark woods like walnut.

I used the same set-up on the dado head (another reason I switched; I was going to have to set up the dado head anyway), added a sacrificial cover on the fence and a backer board on the miter gauge.

When the afternoon was over I had all the grooves and tenons cut. That means that many of the parts are done. The arched lid parts need to be cut to shape, the upper side panels need to be formed, and I need to mill the thin panels that go into the rails, but otherwise the parts are finished. And the piles of lumber on the floor are much smaller.

I took a break for supper, then came back and prepared stock for Mark’s burial urn. I need some 8” wide honey locust, but don’t have any that wide, so I must joint some up. I took care of that tonight. I’ll let this set in the clamps overnight, then it will be ready for surfacing and shaping. There is an interesting story behind this order, I’ll tell you about it when we get going on the box.

The shop was a mess. Milling all these parts throws wood chips and dust all over the place, even with a dust collection system in place, so I needed to take some time to clear away the debris.

And that was my day. See you tomorrow,


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