Thursday, October 25

Roughin’ Rails

I spent the day today roughing out parts for the casework rails.

This starts by picking through the piles of lumber looking for suitable boards. I'm working my way through the cut list, making sure I've cut enough parts in each species of wood to make all the trunks. It's a terrible thing to get to the assembly stage and find you're missing a part. Boards with a slight bow to them are fine for short pieces, but not the long ones. I hate to cut a nice wide clear board into narrow strips if I can avoid it, so I’ll use up the narrow stock first. When I find what I need I lay out my cuts on the board, working around defects, then take the board to the chop saw and chop it up into the lengths I need.

Then the pieces go to the table saw, equipped with a thin kerf ripping blade (ripping is the term we use for cutting the length of a board or with the grain.) and I cut the pieces to width. At this point I’m leaving ¼” extra in each direction for trimming and truing.

Then I clean up the mess: there’s a ton of wood chips on the floor which can be a hazard. Marie called just as I was finishing to the sawing to sat that she is on her way back, that will give me just enough time to vacuum before she gets here. Then we’ll take a supper break.

After supper Marie comes over with me and we spend another two hours surface planing all these pieces down to the proper thickness and making them nice and smooth. Time to call it a day.

Tomorrow is my day to be shopkeeper at Treasures, so I won’t be in to do much except to straighten up again in the evening. Normally I clean the place up before I leave, but it’s getting late and we’ve still got things to do at home that must be done today. So…

Hope you have a great weekend!


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