Monday, October 8

Beginning Board & Tables

This morning I came in at the crack of dawn to get started on the bookwork so I would still have a good work day left. Actually I came to work at the crack of dawn because Marie had an early meeting in Newport and I didn't see any sense in sitting around the house killing time until my usual start time rolled around. But the opportunity to get some extra time in wasn't wasted.

My primary objective for today was to get Don’s cutting board made up, during the down time I would work on roughing out parts for Ellen’s tray tables.

I brought wood for both projects inside last week so it would acclimate. To start off with I ripped the maple into strips on the table saw, then used the chop saw to cut the strips to length. That done I arranged them and checked to be cure the pattern Don sent me would still fit on the blank properly. It does, so I mark them for alignment and take them to the assembly room for glue-up and clamping.

While the glue dries on that I get out my template set for TV Tray Tables and start cutting out parts for Ellen’s tables. The trickiest parts are the ribbon strips for the tray panel. Here the ribbons are laid out to see how they will look, but not yet glued. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Once the glue in the cutting board is set up I remove the clamps and surface plane both sides smooth. Then I tape the pattern in place and draw around the outside edge. Tomorrow I will use this line to cut the blank to rough shape.

Then it’s time to clean up the shop and head home for the night. See you tomorrow.


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