Thursday, October 18

Completing Construction

Another very satisfying day.

I started off by adjusting the latch mechanisms on Ellen’s tray tables. As you can see, the tab on the latch block pokes through a hole in the upper spreader and the cut little curvy shape I milled into the under-side of the tab allows the tab to snap down on the other side to hold the legs in the open position. To achieve just the right amount of “snap” I wrap a Popcicle stick with 100 grip sand paper and very carefully sand away the upper curve in the hole. When it’s right, I smooth it all out again with 150 grit paper.

Next I take the stand parts blanks that I cut out yesterday, lay-out the shapes using my templates and cut them roughly to shape. Doing so takes the table saw, the band saw, the miter saw and a Forstner bit in the drill press. Now I take these parts to the stationary belt sander and refine the curves. Then it’s on to the router table to round over the corners of the handle to produce a shape that will be pleasing to the hand.

I drill and counter bore the screw holes in the stand sides, pilot holes in the handle and spreader and dowel holes where the uprights join the feet. Then comes a little quality time with the glue pot and some clamps followed by some smoothing, filling, and sanding and the parts are ready to be assembled.

The two side pieces are joined to the handle and the spreader, then the arms are attached, and finally the screw holes are plugged. While the glue dries on the stand, I trim and sand the plugs in the tables, then return to do the same with the stand.

At the end of the day, construction is complete on Ellen’s 2 table TV Tray set. Tomorrow I will begin the finishing phase.

See you then!


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