Monday, October 15

Making Tray Parts

Being Monday, I spent the morning preparing the bookkeeping Marie’s review and approval and processing orders taht came in over the weekend. I also had to try and figure out how to economically get a stopper rack to Australia. A fellow name Rafik wants to order a wall hung stopper rack, but the shipping calculator in the shopping cart errors out. So I went to the U.S.P.S. web site and ran the inquiry directly. Kind of pricy. So I checked with UPS and was shocked to see that it would cost over $130.00 sending it that way. Yikes!! Back to the post office.

Once all that was taken care of it was back to table making for me. I started by cutting the backer boards for the ribbon panels. These pieces of thin birch plywood (cabinet grade – good stuff) serve as a stable platform on which to mount the side rails. I can’t glue the side rails to the ribbon panels because the ribbon panels will need to expand and contract; glue them to something that won’t expand with them and they will split. So, the ribbon panels get a stripe of glue down the middle and glued just this much to the backer boards, then the rails will get glued to the backer boards – and each other – but NOT to the ribbon panel.

So next I rough out the rail pieces for the tray rails, groove them and miter them. I want then to sit over night to see if they will have any tendency to twist. Don’t want to use any that will want to twist. That would be bad; it would pop the corner joints. Very bad.

For the rest of the afternoon I work on making the spreaders for the table legs. Each table has two; one “bow tie” that is the lower spreader and an upper spreader that is part of the latching mechanism. I got the four pieces I needed cut out and sanded, I’ll round them over tomorrow.

For now it’s time to sweep up and head for home and some supper.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. I had more photos to share with you, but Blogger errors out saying: "Unable to upload image - We are aware of this problem and currently working on a fix."

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